Saturday, January 06, 2018

Introducing the Yollar

Seems like new currencies are everywhere these days. This one isn't new, it's a just a new name for something that already exists. Recently I've been using 1 Yollar to mean 100 Japanese Yen. If you moved to Japan from the US or the EU, you probably still think about money in terms of something around the value of a USD or EUR and are a bit confused by dealing with so many zeros when talking about Yen (quick now, is 500,000 Yen for a car cheap or expensive?). Do you sometimes say "60 dollars" when something costs 6000 Yen? Does the person listening know whether you actually meant exactly 6000 Yen or whether it was actually 60 USD and so need to multiply by 110 to get Yen. The Yollar removes any confusion, 60 Yollars is 6000 Yen.

This unit was already floating around in your head, you just didn't have a name for it. Now you do.

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