Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am l33t hax0r, VISA beware.

I am trying to book a very important flight and Verified by VISA is, as always, causing me trouble. I can't remember the password. So I go through all the crap to pick a new one but the Submit button does nothing.

I look in the java script console and find ValidationCheck undefined. I find where it's being called. It takes 4 arguments and if it returns anything except 0, the user gets an error.

So I type into the javascript console function ValidationCheck(a, b, c, d){return 0;} and press Submit. Bingo, (somewhat surprisingly) it works, my new password is accepted and my flight is booked.

VISA, test your basic functionality before releasing new versions. It seems unlikely that this has been broken for long so also VISA, don't update your website at the weekend.

It galls me that part of my transactions payed for the continued existence of these gits.

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