Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids are so easy to trick!

When it comes to shower time, there's often a fight in our house, first over whether it's shower time at all and then next over who has to go first. Recently the who goes first issue has been resolved by "spin the sword". Whoever the toy sword ends up pointing at has to go first.

On Monday night, Sean was fighty but Riona wasn't so I washed Riona and then came back for Sean. "But the sword didn't point at me", he complained. Crap, we hadn't done the sword thing and Riona was already washed. With nothing to lose, I sat Sean down for a solo game of spin the sword. He saw nothing wrong with this plan. It took just two spins to get it pointing vaguely in his direction. He gave me a slightly miffed, "it's a fair cop gov'nor" look and came quietly to the shower.

I should make more of an effort to get up to all kinds of shit while I can get away with it. I'll miss this time when it's gone.

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