Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nice beer

This is mostly just a note for myself, not knowing the first thing about beer and drinking less than a pint a month these days means my opinion may be "wrong" but I wanted to make a note of this beer so that I buy again next time I have a beer drinking opportunity.

While R<&iactute>ona was sleeping, I cooked some spicy tomatoey rib things (the butcher gave me ribs when I asked for belly and I found a recipe that seemed easy). Afterwards I had a bottle of quite nice beer. It's called Franziskaner (as in Fanciscan Monks I think) and is a weisse bier (funnily enough the photo on that page is the beer I drank so maybe it really is good). It was very easy to drink after my dinner.

1 comment:

Rob said...

yeah, I always found it reasonably tasty. your taste is approved.

(though I'm a sucker for weissbier.