Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Letter to the editor: Lisbon Treaty and Microsoft

The shite from the "yes" campaign continues. Kinda funny putting forward the opinion of the MD of Microsoft just as we find out they're going to be fined 1.5 bn by the EU.


Dr Derek Flynn's letter of Feb 26th, urges us to vote "yes" to Lisbon.
Like almost all other "yes" letters, it uses scare-mongering instead
of debating the contents of the treaty (the only exception so far
being Gay Mitchell's recent).

In addition to the usual line that rejecting this treaty is rejecting
Europe, Dr Flynn tells us that Paul Rellis, the president of the
American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and managing director of
Microsoft Ireland, is urging a "yes" vote.

Coincidentally, on the same day, news broke that the EU are on the
verge of fining Microsoft 1.5 billion euro for non-compliance with
their rulings regarding Microsoft's abuse of its monopoly.

I'm sure Mr Rellis and his employer have quite strong opinions on how
they would like the EU to change but their interests do not coincide
with mine or the average citizen. It's possible that the treaty is
good for all of us but, if anything, the fact that an abusive
monopolist wants this treaty to be ratified makes me even less
inclined to vote "yes"!

Why can't Dr Flynn and the others explain in simple language what
changes this treaty makes and what benefits come from these changes?

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