Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hotpot without the hot or the pot.

Back to the same place again (麻辣湯 - malatang). This time I remembered to take a photo before eating it all (harder than it looks).

It's awesome. It's basically Sichuan hotpot but without having to deal with a fire and a huge bowl of soup on your table. And ordering for one is easy. You choose your ingredients and 3 minutes later they bring you the cooked results. Unlimited rice included, all for 680JPY (4.90EUR)!

This time I went for 激辛, the highest on their spicy scale and it still wasn't that spicy. I might be getting the "foreigners don't like spicy" treatment, I don't know. I'll ask to go off the scale next time.

They also have awesome fried shaolongbao. These things are dangerous. They're dumplings, full of soup. Even when you think you've slurped it all out, there are still pockets remaining, hidden away, waiting to shoot a jet of boiling hot liquid up your nose when you bite down!

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