Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fixing a Nexus 7

A couple of weeks ago, my Nexus 7 went into the sink while I was washing up. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't save it. About a year ago, a colleague dropped his Nexus 7 and smashed the screen. He was kind enough to give me that old tablet this week.

Thanks to, swapping the screens was fairly straightforward. I actually made it harder for myself because I read their full teardown and peeled back a lot of sticky copper shielding that I could have just left alone if I'd noticed they had an article for just replacing the display. Anyway, those guys are awesome. I was able to fix the speaker in another phone last year because of them, go buy some of their repair kits.

Here's what the insides of 2 Nexus 7s looks like :)

Also, well done Asus for making it fairly easy for me and my fat fingers to do this.

If anyone needs any help attempting the same thing, let me know.

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