Friday, June 14, 2013

Julian Assange's "secret" meeting with Eric Schmidt has a transcript and a 3 hour recording of a meeting between Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt (and some others) as part of the research for Eric's recent book.

It's long but it's quite interesting (nothing terribly secret though).

I like Assange's goal of using content-based addressing for everything. It's not an original idea of his but I his point about detecting newspaper articles that silently disappear was good. If he can help to popularise it, that's great.

I completely agree with his call for "scientific journalism". That is journalism where all claims are backed up with references. He says that anything else should be dismissed as not journalism at all. There used to be the excuse that there wasn't enough room on paper but that gone now. George Monbiot ( has been including full references in the web versions of his articles for years now but I haven't see anyone else doing it.

I thought he didn't give a convincing response to the question of what happens if the governments and corporations floods Wikileaks with thousands of computer-generated fake but plausible leaked documents. That whole conversation got a bit messed up and he seemed to miss the core of the question.

Possibly the most shocking thing was that Eric Schmidt didn't know what simulated annealing was :)

Anyway, I've linked the MP3 to this post so if you want to listen to it conveniently through a podcast player, you can subscribe to my feed to get it (there are no other podcasts in my feed).

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