Monday, May 23, 2011

Adventures in Dublin

I got to see Hanna this evening which was good fun. Just before it started, Midori phoned to say she couldn't get to the house because the road was taped off by the police (actually not our road but the one we usually come in by) and Midori has photos of an army truck with "Explosive Ordinance Disposal" on the side. Presumably a pipe bomb (or suspected pipe bomb). Robots were involved. I passed a similarly taped road on the way home a few days back. Meanwhile town is all taped off for that other bomber, Obama and I had to cycle the long way to get home.

When I came out of the cinema, some scumbag was rattling my bike. I shouted and I was told to "fuck off" and his girlfriend explained they were "only looking". So it seems it was all just an innocent misunderstanding or something.

Half-way home, crossing Sally's bridge over the canal, a guy exited a taxi, drunkenly stumbled backwards down the bridge, grabbed a railing, spun round and fell on his arse into the grass. I stopped and went over, he was lying with eyes closed, seemingly at peace, listening to his ipod. I didn't think the top of the canal embankment was the best place for him (an unstable equilibrium) so I offered him a hand up. He seemed a bit embarrassed but happy for the help. He told me I was "very sweet". Yes... well... indeed. He made his way a bit more steadily (sobered up by embarrassment I think) over the bridge to his house.

And speaking of the Queen, Sean decided to stage a dirty protest during her visit. He's been very independent toiletwise for a few months now but this time something went horribly wrong. I'm talking #1 and #2, wall, floor (multiple places), trousers (inside and out), socks, toilet seat, bath mat and his plastic step. I am absolutely at a loss as to what actually happened. It must have been a bit like JFK's magic bullet. I should really have outlined everything in chalk and taken photos.

Finally, Riona's on a roll. After watching Madagascar 2 yesterday, she later said that certain parts of her mothers anatomy were "heavy... they look like a hippo's bum". This morning while sword fighting with Sean, she told him, "I'm going to kick your nuts off!". Sean thought it was hilarious, I couldn't help but laugh, so now this phrase is the best thing ever. Apparently she heard it on TV (seems unlikely, given what she gets to see but who knows).

Over all, this week has been above average colourful.

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