Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

The Scifi channel have a habit of showing some fairly awful movies and Midori has a habit of recording them - tedious tromps around the woods looking for a Sasquatch that never comes into shot, ghosts of dinosaurs attacking oil drillers in Alaska. Last night she excelled herself. I was too tired to do anything but watch and 20 minutes in it played its trump card. A scene of such ball-shattering awsomnitude that the clip has been watched more than 750,000 times on youtube.

Actually that clip has only been watched 60,000 times but the other clip replaced the movie's soundtrack with a song for no apparent reason so I linked to this version.

Think of how many consecutive failures in quality control had to happen for that to appear on my TV last night.

More importantly, someone was paid to write that scene and in fact the whole film and if that wasn't you then you are losing the game of life!

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