Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a 35 year old man trapped in the body of...

... a 35 year old man. Basically I have no excuse or no reason to plead a special case. Well, my 2 small kids seem to sleep less than some others but not outside the ranges given in baby books. I just can't do things like I could before. I used to play a lot of soccer which made me quite fit (self-praise is no praise). When I played again a few weeks ago I was in a steaming heap after 10 minutes. Some of it is lack of exercise some is just getting older. I hardly drink any more because I just hate losing time to hangovers and I don't have to drink very much to get one anymore. It was nice be able to abuse my body and not pay the price in my teens and twenties (self-abuse is no abuse!).

What's the point? Nothing much. Just when I changing my socks I was playing with the phrase "An X trapped in the body of a Y" and I realised that if I claimed to be different on the inside and the outside I'd be kidding myself.

To vastly over-generalise and ignore changing life-circumstances, as people age they stop doing some things. I don't think they stop because they have lost the desire to do them but because they have lost the ability to do them. Of course that may then impact the desire or simply cause the focus to shift to new things which can be done but I think you don't stop wanting to do anything simply because you're older. Which probably explains the childishness of many people (myself included).

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