Thursday, June 19, 2008

kf: the lamest command ever

Like everyone else (well, every unixy-one else) I find myself repeating certain tasks often enough that it's worthwhile creating a script to do it. The lamest of these scripts is kf. The script itself is not lame, it couldn't be simpler or more elegant. It's the fact that it exists at all that is lame. Why?

$ cat `which kf` killall firefox-bin

That's why. I've thought of just filing a bug on their bugtracker, saying that I shouldn't need such a script. It wouldn't be in the least bit productive but it would be satisfying in a pointless kind of way.

I guess I'll just have to wait for something better to come along. I hear Firefox 4.0 is going to be awesome.

P.S. I also have have ke for killing evolution when it decides to head off into the weeds. I keep trying out the other mailers and somehow they keep managing to suck even more than evolution.

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