Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Irish people everywhere

We arrived in Tokyo after a rather gruelling flight involving unexpected overnight in Paris and Ríona doing a fair amount of screaming (actually she was pretty good for quite a lot of the trip, she just seemed to be bored for the last few hours). Didn't do much the first day and didn't realise it was Friday (not Thursday) otherwise I would have made a trip to the office to get some bits and bobs.

Anyway, so here we are in Tokyo on Saturday morning and we take a trip out, stopping for coffee. After we order another westerner comes up and orders. "American coffee please". Oh for f*ck's sake, he's Irish. I didn't try talking to him, I assumed he lived here and foreigners living in Japan can be a bit odd, wanting to keep away from tourists but after a while he came over to our table and introduced himself (he heard my accent). He's an accordian player named Jackie Daly (what are the chances!?) and he's playing a few concerts. What's more he's here with Paddy and Bridget, a Japanese couple who live in Ireland and are apparently quite well known and they live a few hundred metres from Midori's parents house!

That's just ridiculous

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