Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Interpreter and the International Criminal Court

Saw the movie last night. It's fairly silly. I think (I hope) they might do some more detailed background/security checks on UN interpreteres than they did on Nicole Kidman's character but once you get over the unlikelyness of the whole thing, it's an enjoyable enough movie.

The most ridiculous thing in it is the idea that the US would ever advocate sending anyone for trial in the International Criminal Court. They fought hard to prevent it ever happening and they've got various countries to promise that they'll never send a US soldier for trial, Congress even passed a law allowing an invasion of The Hague if a US soldier is being held there. Check Google or read this for example.

I'm not sure what the idea here was, was this naively written by someone ignorant of the US's stance towards the ICC? Or was it deliberate a lie, intended to portray the US once more as international justice bringers, safe in the knowledge that most people don't know the truth about the US and the ICC?

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